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a gigantic Troll bears down on Fawn. her human head is adorned with four big black spider eyes, and blonde dreadlocks rise up like a sea anemone made of french fries. she sports two human arms at odd angles, one of which she is standing on, as well as ten-or-so arthropod limbs. she gestures with a gigantic lobster claw, and stands on two lobster legs wrapped in batik palazzo pants. she is shrouded in a green tartan and a black-and-white Palestinian keffiyeh, and some sort of brown furry spider thorax hangs behind her. there is some meaningless kanji tattoo on her pink skin, along with some henna and random oriental jewelry, that clashes with a leather fanny pack, a ring of keys, and a COEXIST shopping bag. the troll grasps a green Subaru station wagon in her other lobster claw as if it were a suitcase.

Fawn stands in the foreground facing the beast, only her pink ears and the back of her blonde pixie-cut visible.


Troll: 'TERF is a slur, ok?'
Fawn: 'ew what?'

Wet Ochre: Chapter 01, Page 03